Monday, 7 September 2009

Meeting - Wednesday 2nd September 2009

The first meeting back after the summer holidays and we were a chatty bunch - and that was before the wine!

Having whipped through the business (and there was quite a lot of it), we settled down to listen to our Guest Speaker.

The theme of this meeting was "Green Fingers" learning how to get the most out of our gardens, knowing what and when to plant and the best way to compost.

Yvonne Tatum provided a slide show about her garden. The initial barren garden she took on bares little resemblence to the garden of plenty it has now become. Discussing the problems with the local soil, how to protect vegetable crops from the strong winds, how and why we should to rotate crops and how insects and wildlife can be a friend to the vegetable gardner.

Yvonne kindly provided us with some of her huge marrows which we raffled and we also tried her home made raspberry jam which had a fantastic flavour and was great on the fruit scones.