Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Meeting - Wednesday 4th February 2009

So here's a quick update of this meeting.
At present we have 22 paid-up members. We had four new ladies attend this meeting and they seem positive about joining Talwrn Lite.
The pictures above show an accordian style mini book created using origami techniques, demonstrated by Sam Squires. These can be used as greetings cards, photo frames or mini books.
How quickly has February arrived!

The meeting starts at 7:30 pm where business will be discussed for the first half hour.

We've had a little hic-cup with a speaker for this month, so this meeting is going to be a "hands-on" crafting session. At 8pm we will have refreshments and start creating a "special something" in paper.

Do you fancy coming along for a taster evening? If so, why not come along to see what Talwrn Lite is all about.

For further information you can email talwrnlitewi@yahoo.co.uk