Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Anglesey Federation of WI's 2009 Annual Meeting

The Anglesey Federation of Women's Institutes - 2009 Annual Meeting.

The Valley Hotel, Valley, Anglesey

Monday 2nd February 2009 (10:30am onwards).

Lunch (12:30 - 2pm) is available at the hotel and the surrounding village.

There will be a talk by Sheila Dibnah, about her "Life with Fred".

(For further information please email

Meeting - Wednesday 7th January 2009

Come and join in the fun at the January meeting called "Cash in the Attic". An expert will provide a talk and will advise on an item you wish to have valued.

The usual venue of Talwrn Village Hall at 7:30pm - Why not bring a friend with you - they may like to become part of the community too!


Well what an interesting evening this turned out to be. The guest speaker for the night was Simon Bower, Auctioneer at Morgan Evans.

Simon provided information on the items we brought along to the meeting. He detailed the approximate age and value. Where the items were made and high-lighted little give-away marks that indicated the history of an item - some of which would normally go un-noticed by somebody like myself.

Simon gave an informal talk about the present state of the auction market and also asked us to guess the value of a decorative piece of jewellery. Now this could have been a cheap bit of costume jewellery, but it actually had a value of £20,000 - and no, we didn't mug him on his way out!

If you would like to attend interesting WI meetings like this, make new friends and learn new skills, then please email for more information.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Meeting - Wednesday 3rd December 2008

This festive meeting had a huge amount of apologies due to this horrible flu virus and tummy bug that has been doing the rounds.

After the business side of the meeting was out of the way, we cracked open the wine and created "beautiful" floral/candle table decorations and gift boxes too.
This was followed by a fantastic Christmas buffet which was enjoyed by all.

This turned out to be another late night, but was well worth the darkened rings around the eyes in the morning!